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The Blog of Digital Champion Bulgaria is a platform for sincere and active dialog.
For this purpose we leave this blog opened for comments and opinions which will be posted directly. Only the ones that are outside the good and polite tone of communication and don’t comply with the rules for posting will be moderated.

We present at your attention the following rules for blog posting

1. The user has to observe the Bulgarian legislation and any applicable foreign laws, current rules, Internet ethics, the rules of morale and the good manners;
2. The user must not affect the good name of a third party, and must not encourage for a violent change of the constitutional established law and committing of a crime, violence against anyone or provoking racial, national, ethnical or religion unrest, must not preach fascist or any other kind of  antidemocratic ideology; must not violate any property or non property rights including the rights of  intellectual property;
3. The user has to inform for any case of  committed or overtly violation of the usage of the provided services immediately;
4. The user must not represent himself as a third party or in any other way to mislead third parties about his identity or his affiliation to a certain group of people;
5. The user must not commit malicious acts in the sense of the current  Disclaimer;
6. All incomprehensible, offensive and arrogant posts, as well as such which do not respond to the actual facts and circumstances, manipulate or initiate disputes on political topics will be moderated and deleted. Use the possibility to give constructive criticism or proposals to our team and cherish the time of the other users of the blog. We will be happy to answer to any question and listen to any opinion if it is grounded and expressed in a correct way.
7. Respect different then yours perspectives of the other users. If you do not agree with the opinion of another user or with ours regarding curtain topic, we will be happy to hear your perspective if it is grounded and expressed in a correct way.
8. Post new and interesting information regarding the topic.

The site takes care the information to be always accurate and up to date, but does not guaranties the reliability and the  completeness of the content and does not take any commitment regarding the deadline of  updating the information.

The site does not have the obligation and does not guaranty that the provided services will meet the expectations of the user, neither that they will be continuous, timely or sure.
With the acceptance of the following rules the user declares that the usage of the following service will be completely on his own risk and responsibility, and the parties are agreeing that the site is not responsible for the eventual damages caused to the user when using the provided services.

With the acceptance of these rules, the User declares that the use of the Site is not responsible for any damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or loss of data arising from materials or resources searched, downloaded or used in any way through the Services.

The rules for posting comments are valid from the moment of their posting, while keeping the right to change and supplement them in any moment.
Comments posted with retrospective date and not complying with the rules will be moderated.