The school of the future is built today

By digitalchampion  | May 28, 2013

Discusion_School of Future

Last week I attended the official award ceremony of “The School of the future” competition, organized by the “Teach For Bulgaria” Foundation and Forbes Magazine.

A total of 45 projects made by students from 5th to 10th grade from across the country were competing in the competition. Among the projects were essays, paintings, posters, models, multi media presentation, video clips, poem, even a comic and a song. There were no bad presentation and I had the tough task of being part in the jury.

After having looked at all the projects and presentations I came to the following conclusions:

- No one recognizes the school the way it is now.

- The days at school are almost everywhere “boring” and the teachers are grumpy, due to the large amount of learning material that they have to cover.

-  Most students describe how they would physically imagine “The School of the future”– some picture it like a circle, they want it to be spacious, bright, with a library, sport facilities or sometimes just with “clean toilets”.  In their imagination some go as far as a little zoo or a go-kart race track.

- Almost all students agree that new technologies are an integral part of “The School of the future” and they want to see these technologies on their desks, in the hallways, throughout their entire studying process.

- All children search for the bond between nature and school and instead of learning dry facts, they expect to gain new abilities.

Part of their wishes will probably stay in the “utopia section”.

I sincerely believe, however, that the children of today are different than before, therefore the way they learn should also be different.


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