Grand Coalition – a great new initiative of the European Commission

By digitalchampion  | March 25, 2013

I welcome the establishing of Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs – European Commission’s initiative which was launched on 04 March 2013. Information and Communication technologies (ICT) give us one of the most perspective opportunities for solving the problem with the unemployment. It is expected 900 000 new jobs to be disclosed in the ICT sector by 2015. However, if Europe wants to take advantage of this unique chance it needs to provide enough qualified and skilled workforce in this area. That’s way I sincerely congratulate the endeavors of the Commission which is working hard in order to increase the employment and the competitiveness of EU. More than 15 organizations signed up to the Grand Coalition and I call on as many as possible  technology companies, governments, educators, social partners, employment service providers and civil society organizations to take part of it. The main objectives of the commitments are creating of new jobs, internships, training places, start-up funding, free online university courses etc. Bulgaria will also work for making a progress in key arias like training and matching for digital jobs, mobility, certification, awareness raising and innovative learning and teaching. I’m looking forward some of the first pledges to come to life – as the new online learning platform for young people Academy Cube and the new training module for energy smart grid installers for instance.


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