Gergana Passy on the Digital National Alliance in BNT’s Morning Programme

By digitalchampion  | June 10, 2014

On 10th June 2014, Gergana Passy took part in the Bulgarian National TV’s “The Day Begins”. In the programme she talked about the then-forthcoming opening of the Digital National Alliance and its importance to Bulgaria.

<From BNT’s website>

/A full recording of the programme is also available on BNT’s page/

“The Alliance that will be formed today, the Digital National Alliance, is the best possible Alliance that could happen. It has no political element to it and it will be comprised of all stakeholders – government, universities, BAS, schools on the one hand, and the whole IT business on the other,” said Gergana Passy in “The Day Begins”.

“This Alliance will keep expanding, because we live in the digital age, we are never going back to analog times. We can all feel it in our bones that change is happening around and that can sometimes frighten us, make us insecure. However, it is a fact that the societies, which prepare for this change, will be far more competitive than those, who would try to ignore it,” Gergana Passy explained. She clarified that even under the conditions of economic crisis, the digital economy is expanding at a dizzying pace. “There are businesses in Bulgaria in demand of skilled labor and they cannot find it.”

Boyan Benev remarked that the Bulgarian IT industry has been developing successfully over the last 10 years and he went on to say that the Digital National Alliance is in a way a coming together for the digital industry, because while there are significant achievements, they are done individually and piece-by-piece. “We are talking about bringing together and coordinating the efforts of the sector in the long term, not for a few weeks or months, but for years to come,” he added.


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