Project „Social inclusion through new digital skills”

By digitalchampion  | February 18, 2014


PanEuropa Bulgaria has launched the implementation of a one-year project within the NGO Programme for Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009–2014.The project is entitled: “Social inclusion through new digital skills.”

Specific goals of the project:

• Creating conditions for vulnerable groups, including Roma,
put their issues publicly and to take appropriate
actions to resolve them
• Ensuring the participation of representatives of vulnerable groups ,
including Roma, into the processes of decision making and
policies formulation
• Support and distribution of self-help and solidarity mechanisms
• Increasing the interaction between vulnerable groups and marginalized communities and the civil society organizations that are active in the area
Project target groups: youths and Roma, adults and volunteers.
Main project activities:
• Expanding the network of volunteers and experts in the “PanEuropa”
• Preliminary research of the specific needs of the target groups in order to prepare a training program that is directly aimed at the demands through local workshops
• Preparation of specialized program and modules for training of trainers for the network of volunteers and experts of the association, including guidance for the volunteers work
• Conducting trainings for trainers – volunteers
• Work of the trained volunteers and experts of the association and building competencies and skills among different social groups throughout all the country
• Organizing press conferences to promote the project.


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