European survey on mobile and Internet use.

By digitalchampion  | July 10, 2013

The European Commission just released a survey on mobile (phones, tablets, etc.) and Internet use in European households. The survey clearly shows there is an increased need for a high-speed Internet connection and better quality calls.

In our age, people explore the web with a freedom that was once stigmatized as expensive. Evidently the technological progress and data consumption in the last 6 years helped change that.

Today, people want to connect fast to their information. Key word here is “fast”. Broadband internet needs to be fast enough so that consumers can freely and effortlessly enjoy all their content, whether is simple internet browsing, e-commerce, VOIP calls (Skype, Google Hangouts) etc.. Efforts should also be made to improve the quality of mobile calls for all European citizens.

“It’s not acceptable that the lack of a connected single market encourages those limitations.” (Neelie Kroes) Division usually transcends into further complications for communication and when we are talking about the “World Wide Web of relations”, we should definitely strive towards an Open Internet.


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