Changes in Roaming fees

By digitalchampion  | July 02, 2013

I have some great news to report. As of July 1st 2013 there will be changes in roaming fees within the EU. Finally there will be some progress in this insanity that we call international mobile market. Although we are talking about minor decreases in prices, it is still an important step in achieving the Single Telecoms Market goal.

Let the facts (especially the numbers and prices) speak for themselves:

-          Surfing the internet abroad will now be up to 91% cheaper in 2013 compared to 2007

-          data 36% cheaper compared to 2012

-          If your family goes on holiday in Croatia and check social media accounts every day for half an hour it will cost you 15.75 ? compared to 210 ? in June 2012 which saves 194.25 ? !!!

Within the EU, people will now benefit from more acceptable roaming plans than before. The European Union has reacted adequately to the staggering increase in data consumption over the past 6 years. So I am pleased to announce that today it’s cheaper to roam with your mobile in Europe – especially when browsing the Internet.

Not only that we have become more connected with each other, but the overall demand for this connectivity has increased. That said, I think that every European citizen has a job to push his government and his countrymen towards establishing a Single Telecom Market and universal access to Internet.


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