Bulgarian Digital Champion attends the Digital Agenda Assembly Workshop №2

By digitalchampion  | June 26, 2013

The DAA Workshop №2 aims to promote Smart Cities and accessibility in public services. Gergana Passy attended the Workshop and participated in the ongoing debates in Twitter [#da13smart] and in the DAA Community [#da13] regarding the digitalization of Public Services and the development of Smart Cities.

The goal of promoting larger integration of ICT in public and administration services was one of the main pin points of the Workshop’s debate. There was a lot of overlapping commentaries and  propositions. Such as:

  • Developing of applications for different public and administrative services thus facilitating an easy urban and administrative commute.
  • Establishing a stable form of E-Government Service.
  • Promoting more openness and accessibility in governments as well as solutions for people with disabilities.
  • Improvements in public service training.

In the second part of the Workshop, the subject was – Smart Cities. These are some of the main points that were touched in the Twitter Discussions [#da13smart] [da13] :

  • Defining a Smart City.
  • A large demand for traffic and public transportation apps. (Applications showing time schedules and real live placement of public transportation)
  • There was as well a general debate for the car usage in different cities. Pros and cons of going by car to your work. (Example of the Netherlands – where half of the population uses bicycles for commuting.
  • How can citizens take an active role in a smart city; shall governance change in a smart city?
  • Questions about conditions under which citizens would be willing to invest in smart city solutions?
  • And of course in what way can the EU member states help achieve these goals?


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