EU agrees to end the roaming rip-off?

By digitalchampion  | May 30, 2013

This is how I imagine a politician with a cause – Neeliel Kroes, 71 – years – old real lady, Vice – President of the European Commission, during her last mandate in this position. She is well aware that there is not a day to lose and made something unusual, yet very political. After returning from Egypt, she straightforward presented herself before the members of the European Parliament. She addressed them not with a speech, but with a suggestion how to generate votes in the upcoming next year euro-elections. Until next Easter, the European Parliament will have to adopt legislation, through which the roaming taxes on the territory of the European Union will disappear completely. If the EP supports the idea, it may turn out that by the end of 2014 we could go on a holiday in Greece or  work in Spain, without constantly counting the minutes spent on the phone.


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