Girls in ICT day today

By digitalchampion  | April 25, 2013

Today is the Day of girls in ICT, initiated by the European Commission, European Parliament and supported by the International Telecommunications Union. There is no such day for boys in ICT, since their access is not hampered, and there are no psychological barriers for their admittance in sectors, associated with new technologies.

Look around you – how many female programmers do you know, how many technological businesses and starting companies are inspired by women, how many girls have won world Olympiads in mathematics and informatics. Not that there are none, but they are in the hundreds of times less than the boy champions.

But let us look at the opposite side of the picture: the current financial crisis would have hard to prevent. Its devastating effect, I believe, would have been reduced to a great extent, if there were more women in leadership positions in, for example, financial and banking institutions (do not get me wrong, I do not support quota systems for the creation of gender equality). The corruption in Bulgaria would surely have different dimensions, if the government had more female ministers (I have not heard of a case for corruption against a female minister in the last few years).

ICT leaves forever behind gender inequality. The new social networks have practically blown it away. Today in Facebook and Twitter I have more active female friends, than male. The Bulgarian mother’s sites are amongst the most active sources of information on practically any subject. The energy of a displeased mother or woman can be a destructive force. But the creative motherly instinct can be a unique fuel for change of the home, of the neighbourhood, of the state, of the environment as a whole.

Through new technologies, the woman lives a more complete life; she gets diverse ways to accommodate the useful and the pleasant, to combine her personal life with her carrier. This, to even a greater extent, is true for our daughters – they live in a world, where they will not feel fulfilled, if they have not acquired new skills in life and work – digital skills. I believe that they are the ones who will contribute largely to the improvement of competitiveness, not only in Bulgaria, but in the entirety of Europe, through their education in contemporary skills in the sphere of ICT.

To change the overall attitude, the stereotypical belief for the role of girls in ICT, that is my greeting for them. I am ready to work together for the increase of their participation in the sector, to reform the core and infrastructure of the current educational system, as well as to develop their leadership skills, which will build a whole new world. This sector is so fast and dynamic, that only the truly prepared will inherit the future. I hope that together we can keep up the pace. Dot com.


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