Oracle Academy Open doors day

By digitalchampion  | November 13, 2013


On 14th November 2013 in Sofia another step bringing us closer to the future will be made. I will take part in Open doors day at the Oracle Academy in Bulgaria.

The Oracle Academy as an educational initiative founded by Oracle, a company that has a strong tradition of working with educational ministries, government institutions and organizations related to the educational process. Its purpose is to provide adequate skills, resources and capacity for teaching with modern IT programs, using leading software by teachers and students, in order for us to be able to fit in the digital age better. From elementary school to the university – their work is guided by the belief that every student, regardless of age, gender or environment could only benefit from the acquisition of these computer skills which are of great importance in today’s world.

“Few subjects will open as many doors for students in the 21st century as computer science. The Oracle Academy provides resources to help awaken and deepen student interest in this important field of study.” – reads the motto of the academy

Digital competency is now one of the skills that are deemed key to improving the quality of life and ensuring the effective development in the future. That is why I strongly believe that we can no longer be limited neither to traditional forms of education nor to traditional schooling disciplines.

Last week in Lithuania Neelie Kroes said: ‘If you don’t take change by the hand, it will grab you by the throat.’

The change has long since been here and if we do not embrace it, we are doomed to fail.


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