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By digitalchampion  | October 31, 2013


Have you heard about the Week of computer science and programming, where greats such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple join forces for a broader study of computer science in schools. The American experience comes to Europe.

Yesterday I was glad to hear for the initiative of Neelie Kroes, and her Young Advisors, the first ever European code week (25th-30th November). Bulgaria is already on the map, thanks to the Telerik Academy. Europe understands that the crisis will eventually be resolved, but then nothing will be the same as before. Thousands of lost jobs will never recover in their old form, but it will create new jobs, that we have not even dreamed about. However, they will require new skills. In 2015 will be a shortage of 900,000 professionals in ICT and 90% of jobs will require some or minimal digital skills. That is why I agreed to become ambassador of the E-skills week in Bulgaria next year and we organized the first in Bulgaria Rails Girls event, that is why I support Oracle in the creation of a free academy for programming and I created the Board of successful entrepreneurs and Board of innovative teachers, etc.

All these initiatives ultimately aim at the same – not just to get more people open their laptop and use the internet to only admire Facebook and watch the coolest web pages. Rather, they aim to open one of the many free online tutorials for programming and to understand how computers and people interact.

Writing your first command, learning your first foreign language other than English, and doing so, who knows, to turn one hour of programming into lifetime programming? Why not?



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