November, 2013

Workers of the future: IT literate

By digitalchampion  | November 20, 2013

The quality of education is undoubtedly a major factor for the competitiveness of all economies in the long term. Since the effect of any meaningful investment in education can not show the benefits for almost a decade, but the negative is short-term, governments are not motivated to make them, with few exceptions. Now the situation [...]

Meeting with students from 44th High School “Neofit Bozveli”, Sofia

By digitalchampion  | November 15, 2013

Today I’m visiting students from 8th grade from the “Neofit Bozveli” high school in Sofia, an initiative of “Teach for all”. Their mission is to ensure that every child in Bulgaria has an access to quality education by encouraging and preparing capable and ambitious young people to become motivated teachers and leaders in our education [...]

Oracle Academy Open doors day

By digitalchampion  | November 13, 2013 oracle

On 14th November 2013 in Sofia another step bringing us closer to the future will be made. I will take part in Open doors day at the Oracle Academy in Bulgaria. The Oracle Academy as an educational initiative founded by Oracle, a company that has a strong tradition of working with educational ministries, government institutions [...]

Some thoughts from #ICT2013EU

By digitalchampion  | November 11, 2013 ICT_f6c65d9f33

Definitely one of the best ICT experiences I have had. ICT Conference 2013 Create, Connect, Grow was the Europe’s biggest digital technology event with almost 5 000 people who attended. The event was organized by the European Commission in partnership with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The aim of the event [...]

A manifesto for entrepreneurship & innovation to power growth in the EU

By digitalchampion  | November 11, 2013 slide-1-638

This is how some of the most successful enterpreneurs of Europe see the future of the Continent: A manifesto for entrepreneurship & innovation to power growth in the EU Economic conditions in Europe remain hugely challenging with the European Commission forecasting that euro-zone GDP is set to shrink by 0.4% this year. Yet the growing [...]