July, 2013

President Obama Speaks on the New Management Agenda

By digitalchampion  | July 11, 2013

Key points in the presidents address were: Recruiting people from the private sector to work with people from the public sector in creating a more dynamic administrative environment. The appointment of a CTO (a chief technology officer) to help organize and make the US government more efficient. Identify new ways to eliminate and improve old [...]

European survey on mobile and Internet use.

By digitalchampion  | July 10, 2013

The European Commission just released a survey on mobile (phones, tablets, etc.) and Internet use in European households. The survey clearly shows there is an increased need for a high-speed Internet connection and better quality calls. In our age, people explore the web with a freedom that was once stigmatized as expensive. Evidently the technological [...]

Changes in Roaming fees

By digitalchampion  | July 02, 2013

I have some great news to report. As of July 1st 2013 there will be changes in roaming fees within the EU. Finally there will be some progress in this insanity that we call international mobile market. Although we are talking about minor decreases in prices, it is still an important step in achieving the [...]

The development of digital technologies in Bulgaria

By digitalchampion  | July 01, 2013

After an extensive review of this years’s Digital Agenda report, published by the European commission, I found the great news that our coutry is showing a big progress in the ICT. Moreover Bulgaria is placed in a better position in this field than previous years, according to the latest indicators estimated for all EU members. [...]