May, 2013

EU agrees to end the roaming rip-off?

By digitalchampion  | May 30, 2013

This is how I imagine a politician with a cause – Neeliel Kroes, 71 – years – old real lady, Vice – President of the European Commission, during her last mandate in this position. She is well aware that there is not a day to lose and made something unusual, yet very political. After returning [...]

The school of the future is built today

By digitalchampion  | May 28, 2013

Last week I attended the official award ceremony of “The School of the future” competition, organized by the “Teach For Bulgaria” Foundation and Forbes Magazine. A total of 45 projects made by students from 5th to 10th grade from across the country were competing in the competition. Among the projects were essays, paintings, posters, models, [...]

Europe has 1,200 fixed operators and over a hundred mobile operators. The US has six mobile operators and China has three.

By digitalchampion  | May 20, 2013

Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes has promised to roll out a single telecoms market throughout the EU before she leaves office in one and half years. “I’m the same age as [ex-Manchester United football club manager] Alex Ferguson, but I have no intention to retire until I’ve knocked down all the barriers to the single [...]

Have your voice heard: Neelie Kroes to host youth entrepreneurship webinar

By digitalchampion  | May 10, 2013

Get your voice heard with European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes. That will be possible for the best contributors in the ALDE Party idea challenge on youth entrepeneurship. With this online idea challenge, we aim to build great policy proposals to inspire our politicians with interesting and creative ideas on how to promote youth entrepreneurship. Click here and [...]