April, 2013

Girls in ICT day today

By digitalchampion  | April 25, 2013

Today is the Day of girls in ICT, initiated by the European Commission, European Parliament and supported by the International Telecommunications Union. There is no such day for boys in ICT, since their access is not hampered, and there are no psychological barriers for their admittance in sectors, associated with new technologies. Look around you [...]

StarUP Weekend Sofia

By digitalchampion  | April 10, 2013

A mobile application for Android and iOS, aimed at helping children study foreign languages, has won the jury prize and the special Vivacom award within the 54-hour StartUP Weekend Sofia. The event took place during April 5-7 at the Vivacom Telecom Central. The award-winning app is called “talkie” and it has been developed within the [...]

Breakfast with Burton Lee and Deyan Ivanov – thoughts on the entrepreneurial culture

By digitalchampion  | April 03, 2013

Just at the end of the last week I was invited on one very interesting breakfast in the residency of the American Ambassador Marcie Ries. The occasion was the presence of Burton Lee from Standford and Deyan Ivanov – an impressive young entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. The topic was the entrepreneurial eco-system in Bulgaria [...]